By reading the author’s book entitled, “History of Nursing Theories: Modernity and Innovation” by David N. Neuman, a single can discover numerous numerous nursing specialist theories.

These theories, in turn, will be applied to case research of nurses and nursing specialists. These case research can involve such points as, changing strategies to care for patients, new nursing philosophies, superior patient/family communication, productive healthcare procedures, improved possibilities made for sufferers in a hospital setting, and others.

For write research paper instance, inside the recently published book, the author discusses a current case study involving a nurse. The book states that the case was concerning a stroke victim. The author discusses how this stroke victim did not respond to conventional treatments and was in dire will need of more care. On the other hand, there had been no other nurses obtainable to provide the stroke victim the necessary assistance.

As a outcome, this nurse had to make an action strategy to have the patient’s oxygen levels up so they could be stabilized. Since the patient’s condition was vital, and his well being had deteriorated really speedily, this nurse then had to acquire the patient to an emergency area to assist him by means of life-threatening conditions. With all the enable of other nurses and healthcare specialists, this nurse was capable to make sure that the patient received the very best care possible.

The case also involved a stroke victim who suffered from what the patient’s loved ones described as a near-death practical experience. They later discovered that the patient had stopped breathing in the lack of blood flow to his brain because of low levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that aids the body to pump oxygenated blood for the brain. Furthermore, this certain stroke victim had not been getting adequate blood flowing to his brain and he suffered from severe amnesia that left him confused.


The neurosurgery group provided the same form of oxygen inside a machine which will be controlled with an air and a pressurize mask. The oxygen kept the patient’s blood pumping as well as the patient became alert. He later told his physicians that he had experienced a “flashing” in his vision that reminded him of an out-of-body expertise that allowed him to recall how his brain felt even though he was possessing a stroke.

The author also particulars how a further nurse applied her personal theories when treating this patient who required the ideal care at the appropriate time. In this instance, the nurse was called towards the scene of a cardiac arrest. The nurse saw that the patient had a lack of brain activity and she took over the heart rhythm to bring the patient back to life.

In addition, the book discusses a few other situations in which nursing professionals happen to be found to apply their theories in different case studies. In one case, the author refers for the nursing professional’s theory that it is the atmosphere that creates memory. Within this case, the nursing experienced noted that a man created a sense of self-awareness following being touched by his dog as a kid.

His case was found to include clues that resulted in total amnesia on the man’s traumatic experiences. As soon as the man began to respond to his family’s messages, he recalled the entire story about his very first contact with his dog. The caring father helped the man prepares for his dog’s introduction into his home.

When the father began to touch his son, this led to finish awareness of his pet dog. Then, the man became pretty protective of his dog and allowed him to sleep in his bedroom. Because of this, he also started to bond with his dog also.

Another case involved a patient’s behavior around his newborn child. As the case progressed, it became apparent that the patient enjoyed the affection his baby was getting from the patient’s infant sitter. At some point, the patient’s child sitter felt guilty for bringing such optimistic interest towards the patient forgave her.

As time went on, this patient and his family members discovered to operate with all the mother-to-be and their ability to communicate enhanced. and they worked collectively to resolve any challenges that arose. Moreover, the patient took an appreciation course in art, became a superb music teacher, and started to lead his life as he generally had intended.

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